Novecento Raíces
Novecento Raíces wines represent the balance between our history and our future. A line of wines that blend tradition and innovation.

50% of the wine is aged in American oak barrels, favoring complexity and structure.

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Visit our Winery
Dante Robino opens its doors to enjoy and learn about wines through its 90 years of history.

Located in a privileged background, and surrounded by vineyards, the winery offers a ludic and cultural proposal. The visit to an old Malbec vineyard, the tanks room, built at the beginning of the XX century (1920) and currently in use, the modern barrel room where our wines mature and rest are some of the attractions that tourists can enjoy. In the Barrel room co-live the art of wine ageing and that by the main artists in our province. The production of sparkling wine area offers the chance to taste wines directly from the tank and discover the strengths and truths of the wine making process.

Visits include a tour around the underground cellar and the modern Visitor ´s Center, where visitors have the opportunity to taste wine in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere while looking at the stunning Andes (Cordon del Plata)

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Rally of the Wineries 2014
Bodega Dante Robino was a host winery in the 12th edition of the 2014 Wineries Rally, one of the most important vintage car shows in the country, which combines wine routes, the most stunning landscapes in Mendoza and the passion for classic sport cars.

In the morning of Saturday March 15th, 63 vehicles and their crews from all over Argentina, Uruguay, England, Spain, Brazil and Italy enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the winery gardens with the outstanding Andes in the background.

During their stay, drivers toured the winery and learnt about the wine making process of premium still and sparkling wines that Dante Robino produces. The wine served to guests was Gran Dante Malbec 2010 featuring a specially-designed label to celebrate the 12th edition of the Wineries Rally.

Also participating in the 2014 Rally were Cheval des Andes, The Vines of Mendoza, Pulenta Estate, Finca Agostino and Los Toneles. This rally is held under the Sprint Regularity rules: a new way of running regularity rallies, which sets trend in the Historic Rally activity in Argentina and the rest of the world.

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